Sunday, April 22, 2012

April 2012 Showers

April Birthday Dinner @ Rasika DC
Gift from special friends @ GUH ;) is my current update : Coco's uLMS update --Hello! I had my PET/CT on Friday and got to see both Drs. B and C to review the results. The good news as that I am overall healthy and they are happy with my general vitals. The not so good news is that 1 of the masses in my back has returned and 3 new spots have surfaced (right thigh 2; left calf 1). All spots are about a carat -- if only I could convert to a lovely ring ;). I'll be working with GUH radiation oncology to set up CyberKnife starting with my back (it's under my right shoulder blade -- that diamond would be much prettier in my ear). We will also be reviewing my original labs for hormone receptors and determine a hormone (estrogen or progesterone) blocker to keep things under control. 

No panic here...this is not unexpected just not really what I wanted to hear. Upside -- more time to see my friends at GUH and friends in DC all summer!Thank -- as always for the love, prayers and support. To paraphrase Lance Armstrong, knowledge, community and positive attitude are all keys to managing this beast.